TASC celebrates 50th birthday at AGC

The Acklam Green Centre recently hosted a special 50th birthday celebration for TASC (Teesside Ability Support Centre).

TASC, which provides care, training and activities to over 100 adults with differing abilities each week, is marking its ‘Golden Jubilee’ with a series of celebrations taking place up to October.

The party, which took place in the Acklam Green Centre’s Roseberry Hall on 10th May, saw TASC staff come together with many of the organisation’s members and their carers to enjoy a disco, quiz, food and drink and presentations.

TASC, which has its main centre on Acklam Road as well as two smaller resources in Coulby Newham and Hemlington, is a regular visitor to the Acklam Green Centre having used the facility for Christmas parties and other events.

Malcolm Turley, general manager at TASC, said: “We all had a fantastic time celebrating our ‘Golden Jubilee’ at the Acklam Green Centre, which is one of a number of events we’re hosting throughout our 50th year.

“The Acklam Green Centre is an ideal venue for us as it’s close to our main centre and has as large hall ideal for hosting large numbers of people.  There are also private meeting rooms available that we can use for members’ personal care and the staff are always really friendly and go out of their way to be as helpful as possible.”

For further information about TASC visit the website www.teessidetasc.org