January launch for FA Referee Course

North Riding County Football Association is running an FA referee course at Acklam Green Centre starting on Monday 21st January 2019.

Open to anyone aged 14 and over who is interested in officiating 11 a side or 9 v 9 football, The Referees Course provides participants with an insight to the laws of the game and their practical application on the field of play. It also looks at the skills required to be a referee. Those successfully completing the course will achieve Registered Referee Status (either level 8 Youth Referee or Level 7 Junior County Referee).

The course runs from the centre on four evenings between January and April 2019 (see below link) and there is an additional requirement during Unit 5 to put what they have learnt in their lessons into a match environment. A final assessment will take place during Unit 6.

The course cost is £130 and those who are aged 16 and over will also need to complete an FA CRC (Criminal Records Check) which is included in the cost.  For further information and to book visit: https://bit.ly/2PJBnKD